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Our self-guided routes by bike in Spain have different options adapted to all levels. In addition, we are a professional team, qualified and experienced in conducting routes. Leave your trip in our hands and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than what I have seen”Benjamin Disraeli  

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We invite you to see our Outdoor Bicycle Tour. We are experts in ensuring a healthy experience and well managed by our experts to enjoy it to the fullest.

Featured Routes

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Ruta del Jamón (Onroad)

ruta granada sierra nevada onroad

Location: Granada (Andalucía)

Type of Route: Road bike

Nº Stages: 2-3 (choose your option)

Ruta La Primavera

Location: Plasencia (Cáceres)

Type of Route: Self-guided MTB

Nº Stages: 3-4-5 (choose your option)

Ruta Reino de Granada

Location: Granada (Andalucía)

Type of Route: Self-guided MTB

Nº Stages: 3-4-5 (choose your option)


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Experiences in our routes



Our clients have enjoyed with us as never before. We offer you trips in different places of Spain.

With friends or family, we adapt to your needs, guaranteeing the best care and customizing your needs.

You will pass through unique landscapes with amazing views that will leave you speechless and you live experiences that you never forget.


We tell you all about our mtb and road bike routes

Do you want to enjoy nature? The bicycle can be your best ally to travel and through the most remote and beautiful places in Spain. We offer you the bicycle trip that you are expecting for.

Travelling with us, you will not have to worry about any aspect, our team of professionals will take care of the whole organization of the cycling routes through Spain and create a route that adjusts to the needs of each client.

Ask for all the information you need regarding the accommodation, the distance to travel and the planning of the itinerary. We will offer you the best routes so that you can know the best different places of Spain without worries.

We offer routes with many options as roads, trails, greenways…. We clearly differentiate between MTB routes and road bike routes. With mountain bike, the routes are made by paths that go into nature and make you forget all the disadvantages of the city. Mountain bikes allow you to overcome these roads in different stages without any problem. There are many bicycles touring through Spain but our offer is one the best no doubt.

On road bike trips, you can enjoy the adventure on two levels; ultra or classic. The ultra-level consists in a route in 2 stages, designed for those who don´t have much time or want a hard activity with a high level required. The classic level is executed in three stages so the demand is lower and more affordable for cyclists.

Regarding MTB itineraries, there are three levels depending on the days you want to spend travelling. For expert bikers, we have the Ultra level. This route takes three days, and demands to be really in shape. Dividing the trip in 4 days we have the Classic level, also with a high difficulty but more suitable for those people who combines cycling with other sports. The easiest option for all participants is the “Optimal”, 5 days are used to make the journey, in which the effort is divided equally and it is easier to enjoy nature, in addition to having time to do other activities. We can say that these kinds of routes are really like a bicycle vacations.

All routes include accommodation in half board. In addition, all the necessary information will be specified to the participants, as well as a map and tracks of the route. Likewise, each cyclist will be given a gift jersey and different commemorative gifts from Destino Bike. All these aspects are included in the base price, but in addition, you can add other services such as luggage transfer, GPS, travel assistance, accident insurance, guide … All the additional services must be indicated at the time of contracting of the trip.

By last, if you think you are not in shape for overcoming the difficulty of the route, we propose you to do it with an electric bike. With the electric bicycle there won´t be any path you can´t pass through and enjoying the fullest. We leave you free one of it, if you hire the 5 days route including luggage transfer (depending on availability). Furthermore, if you like, you We can sell to you the electric bike in very good conditions.

Destino Bike offers different routes by the most varied landscapes across the Spanish geography, covering all the needs of cyclists to carry them out. For the road bike routes there are three options, all self-guided, which are carried out in Estella (Navarra), Granada (Andalusia) and Hervás (Cáceres).

The northernmost circuit is called Navarra Euskadi route (on road), along its 230 km distance, it crosses through Navarre and Euskadi. It is an unrepeatable occasion to cycle along little travelled roads. The difficulty of the route is considered high-very high, with an accumulating height given of more than 4000 meters.

Granada-Sierra Nevada Route (On road) is a circular route around the Sierra Nevada massif, which starts in the historic centre of Granada and from there crosses part of the Béticas Mountain Range, combining large ups and downs and ending up in the Nasrid city. The difficulty is high-very high. Finally, Cáceres route is called Extremadura route (On road), or route of the chestnut trees, named for the abundance of these trees around the Abroz Valley, being one of the forests of more extensive chestnut trees in Europe. It´s a place ideal for touring by mountain bike. In addition, passing this route through Extremadura, areas of Castilla y León are also traversed. Its difficulty is high-very high, it covers 217 kilometres and has an accumulating height that reaches the 4.480 meters.

For those who enjoy cycling through all-natural trails, we have three bike routes through Spain for MTB. The first of them is called MTB Navarra Euskadi Route. The route goes across Navarre and the difficulty physical and technical is considered medium-high. The route takes 238 km through Navarre and Basque country, been a perfect occasion to enjoy mountain bikes through a great variety of landscapes, going through greenways, forests, mountains and much more.

The second option of MTB routes is the Extremadura Jerte Ambroz valley route which the same difficulty than the others, crosses through Extremadura, land of great routes in mountain bike, (like the silver bike route or “El camino de Santiago”). Through its more than 200 km of itinerary, it crosses through areas as colorful as the Jerte Valley, the Sierra de Gredos, Hervás or Candelario.

Finally, the route called MTB Granada Sierra Nevada route, which as its name indicates, crosses the former Nazarí Kingdom. It has the lowest difficulty in terms of technique of the bicycle routes we offer in Spain but it extends more than 200 km. Start your journey at the foot of the Alhambra and travel to other places of interest such as Sierra Nevada and its National Natural Park.

Furthermore, in all the options you can take advantage of the cycle tour to taste the most typical gastronomy of the places you have been visited, as well as to nourish yourself culturally from the history of Spain and the different villages of it.