Before the beginning of the route, the client must have a written Booking Confirmation of Destino Bike with the dates and all services contracted. You will also need to have all the documentation provided on the route (track, roadbook, etc).

In case of lodging in any accommodation without the confirmation of the reservation in writing, Destino Bike will not be responsible for the situation.

The routes of Destino Bike do not have a competitive character, the interest lies in completing the tours enjoying the surroundings, culture and gastronomy of the place.

In guided activities, the members of the group will follow the guide’s instructions at all times. Without exception.

Destino Bike routes are an outdoor activity with a certain component of adventure. Inclement weather, are not reason to suspend the activity, except in extreme cases.


The reservations will be formalized with the payment of a signal of 25% of the total of the activity. The remaining 75% must be paid at least 7 days before the start of the route.

If the reservation is made 7 days before (or less) of the beginning of the route, the full amount must be paid directly.

The confirmation of the reservation will not be firm until the Destination Bike’s confirmation in writing.


Canceling up to 15 days before the start of the route will refund the entire amount paid.

By canceling up to 8 days before the start of the route, 75% of the total payment of the route will be refunded, if only the signal has been paid (25% of the activity), 25% of the signal will be returned .

Canceling within 7 days prior to the start of the route, the total amount paid will be forfeited.

It is considered “start day of the route” the same day that services are already contracted.

In the case of not staying overnight where you have booked, for whatever reason, the reservation is lost and it is necessary to pay the full amount in the establishment where you have slept.


If for any reason you have to leave, it is imperative to notify the organization “Destino Bike”. In case the service has been contracted (of abandonment collection) the organization will pick up the person at the fixed point, but, in the route book that is given at the time of picking up the pass, telephone numbers are provided Taxi services.


Participants will have to provide their minimum personal material to make the route, as well as a bike in conditions and a minimum repair team.

Respect for the environment is absolutely a priority, driving on the course will be as aggressive as possible, no waste of the environment will ever be left. In case of passing through Natural or National Park, the norms established by the Park Direction, competent Organisms or owners of the lands of passage will be respected, making special mention in the realization by foot of the sections indicated by the direction of the National Park .

It is important to take into account the weight and volume of the luggage to be transported during the route, since you will have to transport it yourself. You also have the option of being transported by the organization.

Destino Bike recommends that you have contracted insurance:

  1. Through us, depending on the days you need to carry out the route.
  2. Through your Autonomic Cycling Federation.