Route Information

Route Information

Estella Navarre and the Basque Country route, is a circular mountain bike route that runs through the communities of Navarre and Basque Country, touring places of great historical-cultural and natural interest, along beautiful trails and paths. We will leave from the lands of Estella, of great cultural interest and passage of the way of Santiago. We cross the old Basque-Navarrese railway that takes us to Vitoria-Gasteiz, visiting the sanctuary of our Lady of Arantzazu, an important place of pilgrimage and architectural work. We will cross the Aizkorri-Aratz natural park, which divides the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean Sea, and where three of the most important rivers of Guipuzcua are born and we will return to Estella, crossing the natural park of Urbasa, a protected area that is the protagonist of important geological and spectacular processes landscapes. Come to know its valleys, its mountains, its culture, its gastronomy, do not miss it.

  • Subida más larga: Olazti-PN Urbasa (+315m), 8,3 kilómetros de subida al 3,8%.
  • Subida más dura: Desde el km 153, río Ibaia-Arantzazu-Ermita de Urbia (+565m), 6,5 km al 8,7%.
  • Durante todo el recorrido es aconsejable degustar la gastronomía.
  • Importante patrimonio cultural.
  • Se pasa por 34 pueblos.

Data sheet

Type Road: BTT – Circular – Self-guided

Departure: Estella (Navarra)

Arrival: Estella (Navarra)

Total distance: 238 km

Nº stages: 3-4-5 (choose your option)

Positive slope: 4930m

Maximum elevation: 590m

Max height: 1216m – 421m

Physical difficulty: Medium-High

Technical Difficulty: Medium-High

Track: 10% – Sidewalk: 75% – Road: 15%

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Accommodation in M / P according option (2-3-4 or 5 nights)

Route Information

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So that you can come with your partner, family or friends not cyclists, we prepare for your companions all the necessary information so they can follow your route in parallel with an alternative plan, visits, gastronomy, culture and sport (hiking in different places adapted to The companions). Your companions will sleep with you and enjoy together after each stage.

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Estella-Lizarraldea is a municipality of Navarre. The town is settled in a great meander of the river Ega, which makes its way through the mountains that surround it by what is known as the city of the Ega. Through it passes the Way of Santiago in the section between the capital of the community Pamplona, of which it is 44 km and the city of Logroño, in the Rioja. It has a rich cultural and religious heritage, to the point of being known as the Toledo of the north. Among them, the XIII century monastery of Iratxe stands out, which is only 3 kilometers away and the palace of the Kings of Navarre, the only example of Romanesque civilization in Navarre. Another of its great tourist attractions is its proximity to the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park.

What to see in Estella

Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Santamaria Jus del Castillo, Church of San Miguel, Church of San Juan, Basilica del Puy, Convent of Santa Clara, Church of San Pedro de la Rua, Old Palace of Justice, Palace of the Sancristobal, , Convent of concepcionistas recoletas, Town Hall, Basilica of Our Lady of Rocamador, Palace of the Kings of Navarre.

via verde navarra

Ferrocarril Vasco – Navarro

The route of the Vasco-Navarro railway extended from the Navarrese station of Estella to the Gipuzkoa of Mekolalde, passing through Vitoria. In Mekolalde was linked with the railways of the Maltzaga-Zumárraga railroad, pertaining to the Railroads Vascongados. Its construction was laborious: the first concession dates from the year 1882, but the full inauguration was delayed no less than 45 years, until 1927. The first works were approached by a company of unequivocal British appearance, easy to see just by presenting his name : The Anglo Vasco Navarro Railway Company Limited.

What to see in Ferrocaril

Church of the Invention of the Holy Cross, palace-houses and Maeztu town hall. Hermitage of Santo Toribio and Romanesque church of San Esteban in Aletxa. Parish Church of Cicujano. Romanesque church of Santa Eufemia in the town of Leorza. Church of San Martín de Musitu (12th century). Stations of the Vasco Navarro railway. Izkiz Natural Park, Church and Sanctuary of Ibernalo in Santa Cruz de Campezo.

Although from the year 1918 the Virgin of Arantzazu is patron of Gipuzkoa, this image takes its shelter beyond the provincial limit, even arriving until America with the missionaries.

History takes us back to 1469, a year in which tradition dates the discovery of the image. It tells that tradition that a shepherd of Uribarri found that it looked for its goats by these surroundings. The pastor was called Rodrigo de Baltzategi. And, according to this tradition, the image was left in a hawthorn; Hawthorn that has since been used as the image of life. And indeed, in Arantzazu abound arantza or thorns.

What to see in Arantzazu

The basilica and the crypt of the Sanctuary of Arantzazu are open every day throughout the day (the Franciscans open the doors around 9am and close them by 8pm) and each can visit them on their own in any moment.

ruta navarra euskadi (onroad)

Route information Navarra


You can perform the route in a variety of stages as you prefer. Below we show you all the data of the stages available for this route.

Data STEP 1 Estella – Maeztu (44 km)

Increased slope + accumulated: 647 m Physical / Technical Difficulty: Low / Low Track: 91% – Sidelwalk: 6% – Road: 2%

Data STEP 2 Maeztu – Elosu (59 km)

Increased slope + accumulated: 1005m Physical / Technical Difficulty: Low-Medium / Low Track: 77% – Sidewalk: 3% – Road: 29%

Data STEP 3 Elosu – Arantzazu (54 km)

Increased slope + accumulated: 1471m Physical / Technical Difficulty: Alta-Muy Alta / Media-Alta Pista: 65 % – Sidewalk: 21 % – Carretera: 10 %

Data STEP 4 Arantzazu – Olazti (30 km)

Increased slope + accumulated: 610m Physical / Technical Difficulty: High low average Track: 73% – Sidewalk: 15% – Road: 12%

Data STEP 5 Olazti – Estella (51 km)

Increased slope + accumulated: 1197m Physical / Technical Difficulty: High / Medium Track: 76% – Sidewalk: 7% – Road: 18%

Las distancias, altimetrías y desniveles son datos que pueden no justarse con exactitud a todos los modelos de GPS. Los datos que se muestran han sido registrados con dispositivos GPS

Data STEP 1 Estella – Alegría (63 km)

Increased slope + accumulated: 1123 m Physical / Technical Difficulty: Low-Medium / Low Track: 75% – Sidewalk: 5% – Road: 20%

Data STEP 2 Erentxu – Elosu (55 km)

Increased slope + accumulated: 790m Physical / Technical Difficulty: Low-Medium / Low Track: 56% – Sidewalk: 2% – Road: 35%

Data STEP 3 Elosu – Arai (62 km)

Increased slope + accumulated: 1871m Physical / Technical Difficulty: High-Very High / Medium-High Track: 88% – Sidewalk: 26% – Road: 9%

Data STEP 4 Arai – Estella (62 km)

Increased slope + accumulated: 1222m Physical / Technical Difficulty: High / Medium High Track: 76% – Sidewalk: 5% – Road: 20%

Las distancias, altimetrías y desniveles son datos que pueden no justarse con exactitud a todos los modelos de GPS. Los datos que se muestran han sido registrados con dispositivos GPS

Data STEP 1 Estella – Vitoria 76Km

Increased slope + accumulated: 1182m Physical / Technical Difficulty: Low-Medium / Low Track: 85% – Sidewalk: 4% – Road: 11%

Data STEP 2 Vitoria – Arantzazu (81 km)

Increased slope + accumulated: 1942m Physical / Technical Difficulty: High-Very High / Medium-High Track: 65% – Sidewalk: 16% – Road: 19%

Data STEP 3 Arantzazu – Estella (80,95 km)

Increased slope + accumulated: 1806m Physical / Technical Difficulty: High / Medium High Track: 75% – Sidewalk: 10% – Road: 15%

Las distancias, altimetrías y desniveles son datos que pueden no justarse con exactitud a todos los modelos de GPS. Los datos que se muestran han sido registrados con dispositivos GPS

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